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I have a natural leadership to build a positive inclusive culture.

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I am focused on your development objectives and your vision.

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I combine ethics and human relations to grow together.

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I am customer success oriented and your achievement is my priority.

CEO | Consultant | CMO | Author | Coach | International speaker | Business school teacher

Mohamed SI AHMED

Mohamed is an ambitious, hard-working brand strategist and marketing leader with over 10 years' experience working with global and local brands in telecommunications, marketing, IT, construction, industry, technology, tourism and many other fields.

Currently, Mohamed is CEO of Tasweek digital agency and marketing expert, author, associate professor in a business school, coach, mentor and international speaker.

He excels at transforming an organization's marketing approach to maximize revenue, ROI and profit opportunities in a competitive and challenging environment.

He is the author of "L'innovation personnelle", published in French in September 2022. This book is a guide to help you become aware of your full potential, free your mind from external interference and lead a full, whole and innovative life.

In this book, Mohamed presents his two new matrices: personal and professional experience in strategic analysis, and personal innovation applied to the marketing mix.

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